Welcome to the Torquato Group!


    Professor Salvatore Torquato, Lewis Bernard Professor of Natural Sciences, is the Director of the Complex Materials Theory Group.

Our research group is based at Princeton University in the Department of Chemistry and Princeton Materials Institute. We also have affiliations with three other departments/programs: Physics, Applied and Computational Mathematics, and Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. Professor Torquato has been a Faculty Fellow in the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science

Research work in the group is centered in statistical mechanics and soft condensed matter theory. Current topics of interest include unusual low-temperature states of matter, packing problems, structure and bulk properties of colloids, liquids, glasses, quasicrystals and crystals, hyperuniformity, novel photonic materials, discrete geometry, self-assembly theory, disordered heterogeneous materials, optimization in materials science, cancer modeling, and biophysics. For more information, please see our News page.

  • Schematic illstrating how electric waves propagate through a 2D stealthy hyperuniform two-phase dielectric medium within a perfect transparency interval.

Our Research Areas